Umpire TV Commercial

Umpire is a TV commercial which we produced for our client GSK in order to launch their first non-medicated heat patch in the Italian market.

Competing against the leading heat patch brand on the market, the launch of Voltaren’s first non-medicated heat patch in Italy had to be relevant yet outstanding.

The target audience being neck pain sufferers, we developed a creative narrative around a situation where the protagonist has to make a lot of use of his/her neck.

We chose to wittily showcase an Umpire unexpectedly screaming in pain with every move during a grand slam tennis match. Building on the pre-conceived notion that the screams would logically be coming from the players themselves, we injected an element of surprise and humour when it is revealed that the sounds are actually coming from the Umpire who is awkwardly trying to judge a very serious tennis match all the while being in pain.

This TVC not only succeeded in getting the product benefit across, but also brought to life Voltaren’s “Joy of Movement” base line.