Hello, thank you for your interest in joining our wonderful team.
However, as you can see, there are no positions open at the moment.
But do keep coming back here to check as we regularly update this page.

We’re looking for people who truly understand what it takes to serve clients beyond expectations: crack one-off client challenges. Develop insights. Spark breakthrough creative ideas. Deliver ad hoc consultancy to our clients. Identify, pursue and convert new business leads.

The women and men working at publicis are more ready to face the future than at any other creative company. Since our birth in 1926, we have never stopped to lead the change.

Talent@Publicis Groupe

We have always managed to anticipate the developments and inflection points of our industry – successfully investing in digital in its early stages, for example. Transformation means keeping pace with the huge changes taking place in the economy, in technology and in society at large. In an age of convergence and empowerment, we aim to attract people can help our clients reinvent themselves and guide them through their transformation. That’s the challenge: help our clients transform their business. It demands colorful personalities with an irrepressible passion for all the opportunities unleashed by digital disruption.

Publicis Groupe Talent Equation

Publicis Groupe’s philosophy revolves around the equation :

( IQ + EQ + TQ )


Intellectual Quotient, Technology Quotient and Emotional Quotient to power creativity and disruption. The talent we recruit has to score high on these elements:

Intellectual Quotient

Any approach to brand communication or product

Technology Quotient

We know how to make the most of the unprecedented capabilities of new technologies.

Emotional Quotient

It’s the heart of our business and what makes us stand out. EQ, powered by creativity, ensures the success of the greatest alchemies, valorizing and transcending Publicis Groupe’s offer to bring a vital touch of humanity to our brand content.

We strongly believe that together work’s better. No silo, no solo, no bozo is our compass.
No silo: working in an integrated way is mandatory today.
No solo: our craft needs teamwork, as there’s no successful soloist without a band.
No bozo: we need the best and the brightest talent with positive attitude and spirit, to be all working in the same direction. The Power of One is what makes our clients win, and our staff succeed. We remain faithful to our “Viva La Difference” motto, we are a diverse and inclusive workplace. We assess candidates on passion and talent, rather than formal qualifications.
Whether you come from prestigious universities or from the school of life, you’re welcome: Publicis values ALL profiles and individualities. If you like challenges, speed, transformation, and if you are passionate about what you do, we’re waiting for you.

Anne-Gabrielle HeilbronnerMember of the directoire, secretary general, publicis groupe

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