Publicis Groupe

Now the 3rd largest communications group in the world.

Through a powerful alchemy of creativity and technology, we are driving business transformation across the entire value chain.

Publicis Groupe has reinvented itself for the Connected Age by moving from Holding Company to a Connecting company.

Highly modular, Publicis Groupe’s Connecting Company model is a unique platform that gives clients plug & play access to our best-in-class services. Supported by a Global Client Leader (GCL), our clients benefit from a borderless, seamless service that drives the alchemy of creativity and technology.

Our Groupe is organized into 4 Solutions Hubs for easier connectivity and integration: Publicis Communications, Publicis.Sapient, Publicis Media and Publicis Health. For small and medium size markets, we have created Publicis ONE. In this model, all agency brands still exist but share an operational backbone, which gives them the power and expertise of all the Solution Hubs combined to deliver the scale required to compete and win in new world markets.

As a Connecting Company, we are able to deliver as the Power of One – driven by a common purpose, a powerful spirit, shared behaviors, great character and a relentless focus on our clients.

Our clients needs are at the core of the Connecting Company model

Businesses are faced with enormous challenges and opportunities today: highly empowered consumers enabled by mobile and other technologies are disrupting the landscape and giving rise to new competitors. Designed to accompany our clients in this fast-moving environment, Publicis Groupe’s new model delivers more innovation, ideas and growth in less time and at a lower cost. More with less.

Our business model allows us to fundamentally rethink our approach:

Clients come first.

The entire Publicis Groupe transformation was designed to put clients at the center of all we do. Their needs and objectives drive the solutions we provide in order to help them win and grow.
We are seamless.We have created the powerful role of the Global Client Leader. One person who acts as one point of access and one point of accountability to tap an 80,000 deep pool of talent - free from silos, legacy, and convention.

We are frictionless.

We have unified P&Ls and removed all operational barriers.

We are modular.

The core benefit of our new organization is not only in the depth and range of capability but, more importantly, in our ability to configure situationally; the ability to configure around individual client needs and an open architecture to plug & play world class partners when needed. Modularity is critical as it enables a future proof way for this organization support innovation now and keep pace the changes that show no sign of stopping.

We are united.

By fusing together our creative, intelligence, and technology expertise, we are able to provide clients with transformative ideas and consumer experiences, unlike any other agency or holding company in the marketplace.

Future-focused since 1926

Publicis Groupe has never taken its eyes off the future. In 1926, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet created what was essentially a startup, and named it Publicis after the French word for advertising and “6” – his favorite number. Marcel’s passion for communication, for creating relationships between advertisers and consumers, transformed this new field into a thriving, respected profession – and his values: attention to others, respect, staying true to the product, customer satisfaction, quality and creativity continue to drive Publicis Groupe today. The pioneering spirit, unwavering convictions and ethical values of its founder – his legendary fighting spirit and rare, unique personality – have forged an exceptional Groupe. Publicis Groupe is built on a succession of innovations and transformations that have solidified the culture and expertise that continue to run deep throughout our Groupe.

"Publicis Groupe leverages its unique assets in data, creativity, media, consulting, technology and artificial intelligence to deliver big ideas that have a strong impact on how our clients engage with consumers in every dimension. Our aim is to be our clients' indispensable partner in their own transformation by providing them with seamless and agile access to our best-in-class expertise across the entire value chain. A driving force in the market, Publicis Groupe believes in the power of creativity, intelligence and technology to pioneer change, just as it has done for the last 91 years."

Arthur SadounChairman & CEO publicis groupe

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