No Mess Applicator Campaign

Evolution is a global TV and digital commercial which we produced for our client GSK in order to launch their first breakthrough No Mess Applicator on to the market.

As one of Voltaren’s biggest innovation in years, the communication around the launch of the brand’s new and innovative No Mess applicator had to simultaneously communicate the benefit of the cap’s mess free application all the while emphasizing and celebrating the innovation behind the product.

In order to highlight the innovation behind this breakthrough product, we chose to build the creative narrative around the notion that many of the objects we use in our everyday lives and have become indispensable were once an innovation.

Indeed, we didn’t know we needed the ‘wheel’ until someone invented one. And soon it became an invaluable asset to life and society. All inventions, product developments, no matter how small – they all improve our lives. Inventions so obvious and simple, it’s hard to imagine life without them.