Agile ecommerce impact

In Switzerland, the coffee industry became highly competitive due to the increased media presence of retail players & new players in the machine-capsule segment. As a consequence, NDG (Nescafé Dolce Gusto) prioritized ecommerce and requested Zenith to focus on driving sales to their ecommerce website. Thus, radically improving ROI was the primary goal in 2017 while trying to maintain sales volume & revenue compared to 2016.

We knew that using the 2016 insights alone would not be sufficient to achieve the sales goal for 2017 because the frequency of these insights or learnings were based annually. Thus, we developed a monthly ROI lifecycle plan. This would allow us to gain insights and enable us to feed these learnings back into campaign optimizations and help us develop innovative tactics & ads on a monthly basis. In addition, we allocated special resources dedicated for insights.

Using the monthly ROI lifecycle plan, we tried new sales promotion offers on a monthly basis. Each month, we would test different length of promotion period, combo-offers, etc… Also, we tested new campaign activation techniques, bid management strategies and optimization methods on a weekly basis. For our lifecycle plan, we also used new formats and combinations of ads and layouts.

We monitored the impact of every factor and its’ influence on the overall ROI and sales volume and repeated the process to continuously improve these key revenue metrics across the Search, Social, Display & Video campaigns. Using Publicis Groupe tools such as Socialtools & Benchtools, we were able to monitor the competition, understand their digital strategy and navigate against their tactics.



Website traffic vs. previous year



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ROAS vs. previous year