Adapting video ads best.

In order to raise awareness of the the “eXtrême” brand, Froneri Switzerland has briefed us to create a media strategy to anchor the product name more firmly with the consumer. For this campaign, out-of-home and digital activities were planned. Nowadays, however, the attention span is getting shorter and shorter. The digital channels are highly fragmented and their consumption varies. For the sake of simplicity, classic TV commercials and video ads are often used completely unedited in the digital world without any concern for the needs of the consumer. Deployment tactics such as weather and delivery time are standard today. But how do you optimize performance in the digital environment one step further than usual?

The common goal with Froneri was to adapt the advertising for all platforms in such a way that it is delivered optimized on the consumer’s user behavior in order to achieve the best campaign effect. In order to do this, we have analysed the impact of ten different parameters on view through rates and identified the best working-combination set-up for each digital and social media placement.

Based on the storyline of the spots it was agreed to produce 10- and 20-second versions, each with and without subtitle and each with sound. Thus, for example, on social platforms, where the content is rather quickly swiped through, short ads with subtitles could be used; and for platforms without a skip button, the longer versions could be used – again with or without subtitles, depending on the website and usage.

These optimizations led to improved view-through rates and a more qualitative reception of the target group’s advertising message. The product name “eXtrême” could thus be anchored better than when using TV commercials in the digital environment.


Higher view-through-rate vs. previous year.


Cost improvement


Happy client