In the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Eichhof was perceived as dusty, conservative or not at all – this has been all but reinforced by focusing on Swiss traditions and customs in recent years’ communications.

We were tasked with the development of an umbrella campaign. The aim was to achieve penetration and awareness of Eichhof in the German-speaking parts of Switzerland without losing loyal costumers. Eichhof was to be positioned as an authentic beer brand with a tried and tested brewing tradition and an age-old recipe from Lucerne, clearly distinguishing itself from its competitors Quöllfrisch and Feldschlösschen.

Under the campaign claim “Brewers who’d rather brew than talk”, the focus is finally once again on what Eichhof has been passionate about since 1834: brewing beer. Logically, the brewers take center stage. However, it’s perfectly clear: They’d much rather devote their time to brewing their beer instead of advertising it. In collaboration with director Jon Barber, we created a large number of short films to air on TV, in cinemas as well as the various digital channels.

As part of the repositioning, the entire visual identity was revised. The straightforward optics and fuss-free wording is as to the point as the brewers themselves.

In der ab Anfang März 2018 gestarteten Kampagne zeigt Sunrise nun verschiedene dieser 3 Millionen Kunden. Diese sind u.a. in einer grossen Plakat- und eBoardkampagne zu sehen. Als visuelle Klammer wird das „Fluid Light“ – der spezielle Farbverlauf von Sunrise – auf Objekten eingesetzt. Eine einfache, moderne Bildsprache, umgesetzt mit dem Fotografen Lukas Gansterer.